Bladetips energy

Flight performance systems

We help you get the most of the projects that are strategic to the future of your organisation.

  • Make their drone fly longer, further, faster.

  • Design their system from the ground up.

  • Develop their propellers, propulsion system, flight control algorithms.

  • Flight test, get performance data in flight.

  • Simplify the industrialisation process.

  • GPS denied localisation.

  • Strategic counselling, "project psycho-analysis"

  • Start-up advisory.

Our clients ask us to :

We get hands on the prototyping, we work within the client's team, we advise the CTOs and CEOs.

15 +

Yrs of experience

3000 +

Flight tests

150 +

Flying prototypes

Our Clients :

”The bladetips team has developped some of the most dirsuptive systems I have ever seen. Working with them was is a pleasure.
I highly recommend !”

Pierre Chabert, founder and chairman of Airstar aerospace.

”Bladetips designed for us a tailor made, fully functional system. They overcame many chalenges, on a very tight schedule.
Their stategic advisory has helped us take the best decisions, and brought new possibilities in terms of tech, funding, makets.
Ther are a thrusted partner that we do recommend.”

Mario Cervantes, founder of AirDx

Here are some systems you won't see anywhere else.

Don't belive us, just watch.

Spinning plane

Today's VTOL systems have the following limits:

  • Helicopters have great vertical flight performance, but short range.

  • VTOL planes have bad vertical flight performance, and average range.

The spinning plane has both great vertical performance, and a great range.

Measuring and testing devices.

"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions", so we designed :

  • Turbulent wind tunnels to test control algorithms, stability, VRS, consumption in forward flight.

  • Propeller performance mesurement setups: wind speed around the propeller, efficiency, thrust vectoring.

  • Motors and multi axis motors.

Flying rotors

If multirotor's endurance just doesn't cut it, flying rotors might be the solution to your problem.

Their efficiency is the highest, by far.

High performance fixed wings & multi rotors

  • Tandem birotors and co-axial inspection drone.

  • VTOL planes with 4 hours endurance.

  • Multi-rotors with 2 hours endurance.

Non conventional flying systems

  • High lift magnus systems.

  • Kite systems, paragliders.

  • Actuated multirotors that catch drones in flight.

We have build all that is needed to design the best propellers.