Underlying technology


In a standard wind turbine, the blade tips are the parts that catch most of the energy. In a similar way, the blade tips of a helicopter are the parts that produce most of the lift.
While the blade tips are the most important parts, most of the costs and complexity come from the rest of the structure !

Based on this observation Bladetips Energy and the Alcyone concept were born.

The Alcyone concept

An ancient legend says that Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus, threw herself into the sea in search of her lost husband, and that by compassion the gods changed her into a beautiful bird.

Our technology combines:

  • The deployability and manoeuvrability of a drone.
  • The altitude and lift capacity of a drone helicopter.
  • The wind energy harvesting capability of a wind turbine.

1 - Alcyone takes off like a drone, using its electrical motors.

2 - Alcyone spins around to lift heavy weights and to reach outstanding heights.

3 - Once airborne, it flies like a kite, its motors turn into generators: Alcyone produces its own wind energy.

High lift

Long flight time

Energetically autonomous

High reliability

High mobility