Wind energy will make the world a better place.

Wind energy has the potential to power the world. Today, less than 5 percent of our electricity comes from it. Our goal is to accelerate the energy shift by developing a system that can be set anywhere, in no time, for a fraction of the cost of classic wind turbines. We worked for the last 8 years on a new way to harvest wind energy: our system can fly at a height of 500 meters, like a kite. It uses wind to generate a traction force, and a generator uses the traction force to generate electricity.

Higher winds + lighter base = lowest costs.

  • Stronger winds.
  • steadier power.
  • more energy.

No need to keep our system straight: 10x lighter base

Compact system = global effect = global market.

Our solution fits in 40 ft. containers: worldwide access.

Lowest possible transport costs.

Light + compact = quick installation.

The easier it is to install, the faster we will make a difference.

...and we have no time to waste...