Bladetips Energy is a start-up who developed a disruptive technology capable of lifting large payloads at exceptional heights while generating electricity. Our device takes off like a drone, then remains airborne like a kite, in full autonomy.

Unlike other platforms, it is easy to transport and deploy, energetically self-sufficient, and uses a lower number of moving parts, making it cost efficient and extremely reliable. Our R&D  benefits from more than 1000 actual flights with dozens of prototypes and use-cases in the fields of telecommunications, scientific measurements and green energy.

Telco Relay

Alcyone can lift antennas at high altitude to create a lower cost, longer range and easy to deploy telecommunication network.

Floating Offshore
Wind Farms

Alcyone can be used to harvest wind energy at high altitude in floating offshore farms, at a fraction of the construction and operating costs of traditional wind farms.

Airborne Data
Acquisition Platform

Alcyone can carry surveillance, observation and scientific instruments in the air for a long period of time.


Alcyone can perform surveillance and safety missions on the high seas, along coastlines, national water limits or sea lanes.